Our bullet-proofed service solutions.


Our bullet-proofed service solutions.

Experience, best practices and much more

Impress has incorporated a great deal of experience and best practices into its packaged integration applications.  This commitment to an industry standard, repeatable integration solution does not end with the software, however.  Impress also offers a full range of professional services to ensure the successful design, implementation and deployment of its packaged integration applications. These service offerings have been refined over hundreds of projects spanning more than a decade, providing organizations with a proven approach to meeting their integration requirements.

Implementation Services
Successful integration projects combine proven technology with knowledgeable service professionals. With over 10 years of experience with ERP and other enterprise systems, our project managers and consultants have developed extensive system and process domain knowledge. Leveraging a proven methodology that has been refined through years of implementations, our professional services team is well equipped to ensure the functional and technical success of your project.
Technical Support

As your project winds down, we provide a smooth transition from implementation to technical support. Impress customer support is staffed with seasoned support professionals and offers a range of technical support options – from web, email and phone-based support to on-site support delivered by our Professional Services group. Whatever your needs, Impress is committed to supporting the ongoing success of your integration solutions.

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Integration Design Workshop

„The Impress Integration Design Workshop was necessary in the definition of our integration. The workshop brought the stakeholders together and forced a common understanding of the integration requirements, challenges and process changes that needed to be implemented.“

Source: IT Project Manager, Leading Electric Utility in North America

The Integration Design Workshop from Impress Software helps organizations determine the best integration design to ensure they realize the maximum value from their IT investment. In this 3-day workshop, you will learn what is required to integrate ERP with best-in-class solutions, the value you can expect to realize, and a technology-independent design specific to your organization.


During the workshop, an Impress integration professional will lead you through Conceptual, Functional, and Transactional design steps. Our unique combination of integration expertise, system knowledge (e.g. ERP, EPM, and GIS), and business process knowledge applied during the first two steps will provide all the information required to complete the Transactional design. Once this final phase is completed you’ll understand what the integration process will look like, how it will affect your organization, and the benefits you can expect to realize.

Workshop Benefits

  • Align management and the organization around a single vision of an integrated environment
  • Functional and conceptual design ensures the integration is done right the first time
  • Understand the value and costs associated with migration before making an investment
  • Understand your integration requirements so you can determine the best integration technology solution

Current Workshops


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